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Already three seasons ago Christian Louboutin launched its brand Louboutin Beauty. Since it began with the first nail polish of the brand so far has been adding several products to its line of beauty and makeup. The range of nail polish is really wide, since it has a perfect and abundant colorful. In addition, your nail polish are so beautiful aesthetic that is worthwhile opting to have some of these works of art in your home.louboutin beauty
What’s new in Louboutin Beauty

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Louboutin Beauty has changed since those early days and much. The last season, the Parisian master incorporated a complete collection of lipsticks with designs, also spectacular. It has recently launched light a few packs of their known Nail Polish, presented in a limited edition. So it has drawn completely in Hawaii and the culture of Japanese beauty. Ephemeral editions of this House are called Hawaii Kawaii Collection, featuring two different nail packs.

To create both packs Nail Polish, Christian Louboutin was inspired by the Hawaii of the 1950s, which searched the color and the magic of a golden age. In addition, Japanese culture flooded beauty their new packs of nail polish.

The first chest that Louboutin Beauty presents is wLouboutin Beauty louboutin-beauty-3hite and over it with a lot of colorful tropical images are printed. Here there are three very characteristic of its line of enamels Nail Polish. Veri Prive is a very powerful red glaze; Batignolles is a very summery turquoise blue color; Finally, Miss Loubi, is an ideal coral with pink undertones. As we see, the designer does not create new tones, but choose best selling from his collection and unites them in an ideal.louboutin beauty pack

The second chest that Louboutin Beauty presents is very similar to the previous, but with a black background and a much more dramatic colors for its enamels. To me, without a doubt, this is what I like most. Bengali is a super striking Fuchsia tone; Khol is more intense Black Louboutin enamel; Popi is a perfect coral tone to the beauty verano.louboutin

Louboutin beauty

If you are willing to get one of these chests of Louboutin Beauty already you can hurry, because they are sold in limited edition and there will be many units. The price of each pack is €80 and we can buy it in the shop of the firm.Louboutin Beauty Louboutin-beauty-portada

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