How to cure our favorite shoes – tips for long duration

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How to cure our favorite shoes

A perfect pair of boots, high heel shoes or any other type of shoes you wear not only improves your look at any occasion, but also let your self-esteem rises into the clouds. Then, as allegedly how do we return the favor at our shoes? So, by your care. The following are some tips and care for shoes this spring.


Leather shoes are able to make a big hole in your pocket, but the investment will last many years. However, leather shoes require much attention; It’s spring, so you may want to costudirle away from direct heat, which can lead to cracks. Clean your shoes with a soft bristle brush and then apply a suitable cleaning agent, allow to dry before polishing.

blue shoes-rihanna-manolo-blahnik-2016

blue shoes-rihanna-manolo blahnik 2016

Leather shoes require too much conditioner to prevent flaking, just add a tablespoon of conditioner on a damp cloth and rub it with gentle circular movements.
High-heeled shoes

The heels are fragile, cleanliness is essential to keep it in good condition. A damp cloth can make a difference. Avoid salt and magnesium chloride, can be harmful to your heels. It is important to note that the closed toe can cause bad odor, for this, you can put a piece of cedar in the shoe that so will absorb odors caused by moisture.

red leather shoes

Geox shoes

Use water and stain protector to protect them on rainy days; to keep them protected from dust can be cleaned with a stiff brush to keep to its original state.

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