Gucci handbags 2016 bags in Authentic Leather

Gucci handbags spring summer 2016
New Gucci handbags spring summer 2016, a collection that churns out lots of fantasies that focus with the embroidery and prints. The protagonists, the season shoulder bags and small models.

The new collection of Gucci handbags spring summer 2016 introduces styles and strong colours. The design impact of fascination that the maison has created for this new season.

Sylvie leather shoulder bag Gucci 2016

Handbag gucci collection spring summer 2016

Gucci handbag collection spring summer Gucci spring summer 2016 Bag sylvie leather shoulder shoulder bag Gucci leather textured 2016 small Has two interchangeable straps, a leather cover colors depends on the model you vary colors between dark red and the other with green, red and white, blue, green or red.
Designed in smooth skin.
Red leather in black or white
Microfiber lining camel suede effect finish
Small size: L25 cm x A17cm x d8cm
Detail nylon and gold metal chain and buckle closure
Equipped by two straps. A shoulder strap is detachable also 34 cm and detachable shoulder strap with web detail, height 16 cm
interesting details even inside pockets for smartphones
Official price: € 1980

Handbag with floral print on GG supreme

Borse gucci ricamate collection spring summer 2016


Gucci gg supremecollazione embroidered satchel 2016Un imaginative spring summer top case. The size of the bag is medium size gg supreme. Design by feminine details printed floral and beautiful elaborate embroidery. Intriguing and funny applications such as cloud or the bee or the bird.
Beige/ebony GG supreme, made using an environmentally friendly process, with blue floral print
There are embroidered: Bee, Phoenix and Golden clouds
The package in a Special Edition Gucci Tian
Average size: L 35 cm x 29.6 cm x d 18 cm to
Double handles, height 9 cm
Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, 48 cm
Hand-painted edges
Smartphone and zip pockets
Five metal feet
Official price: € 1980 (Trunk)

Dionysus GG supreme shoulder bag

Handbag shoulder gucci embroidered tessuto gg supreme collection spring summer 2016

Gucci gg bag 2016 structured 2016

Model supreme. Fantastic painted flower decorations tiger head closure. A long chain strap. Can wear this model in several ways, both shoulder or like hand bag.
Beige/ebony GG supreme modern design of painted flowers and applications, made using an environmentally friendly process, with suede sides mud
Dimensions: A17cm x P9cm x W28cm strictly small
particular Pier closure – tiger head
hand-painted edges
sliding shoulder chain and can bring you like, or you can bring with double handles
lockable side coat of arms
inside ZIP compartment for small accessories
Pocket under flap
Gucci official price: €2490

Dionysus leather handbag

Handbag Gucci shoulder nera verde rossa in leather spring summer 2016


2016 multicolor leather Gucci handbag from closing Tiger’s head. Equipped with two leather straps intercambiabili.una and a shoulder bag with nylon web. made of fine full grain leather, known for its softness and shine.
Black leather, green and dark red
Antiqued gold details
Big size: 13.5 x A23 cm x D12cm
Closing tiger head
Hand-painted edges
Bamboo handle with (light) 10.5 cm
Includes two shoulder straps: adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, height 51 cm and adjustable and detachable shoulder strap
Closure with pin and side safety system
Internal pockets for smartphones
Main compartment with zipper
Gucci official price: €2800

fabric handbag arabesque

Gucci Handbag hand made in tessuto arabesque rossa spring summer 2016Gucci Handbag hand made in tessuto arabesque nera spring summer 2016


Sweet little hand bag Gucci gg supreme structured with arabesque. Strong in color hand stitched handles upholstered base.
Arabesque pattern GG supreme black or red leather detail
Microfiber lining with beige suede effect finish
Small dimensions: 13 x 23.5 cm x d11cm
Double handles
Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap,
Coated magnet closure
Smartphone and zip pockets
Gucci official price: €2200

Shoulder bag

Gucci handbags 2016

gucci borse hand made 2016

original GG canvas shoulder bag

Gucci shoulder bags pe2016piccola gg fabric shoulder bag with Golden Bee embroidery on wool signature web.
Beige/ebony original GG fabric with brown leather trim
Golden Bee embroidery on wool web band
Natural cotton lining
Small size: L23cm x H16cm x d6cm
Made in Italy
Single adjustable strap (light) 50 cm
Open pocket and Pocket for smartphones
Hand-painted edges
Gucci official price: €690


gucci shoulder bag leather rossa pe2016gucci shoulder bag leather nera pe2016gucci shoulder bag leather metalizzata pe2016

Small shoulder bag with Golden Bee embroidery on wool signature web. Glamor special thanks to metallic Crackle effect, or the choice of black or red leather version.
Black, red or metallic leather Platinum Crackle effect
Golden Bee embroidery on tape
Natural cotton lining
Model size: L23cm x H16cm x d6cm
Adjustable shoulder strap,
Hand-painted edges
Open pocket and Pocket for smartphones
metallic leather
Gucci official rate: € 890

The catalogue of new campaign Gucci handbags spring summer 2016 have protagonists the new models Dionyous that we saw earlier that use the GG squeezes. A special design elite. The details of this tissue are everything you would expect from the famous Italian fashion house of Haute Couture. The designer has led to an elegant background of Beige ebony.
Collection Gucci handbags 2016 we find many prints and embroideries. also play a lot with the typical colors of the brand that are black, red and dark green. Introduce sometimes even blue colors. But the concentration is focused on the typical Gucci. The perfect outfit for spring summer thanks to the perfect accessory as timeless and unique Gucci handbags 2016!
Among the top choices of the new catalog just released are also floral prints that not only in bags but also in Gucci shoes, to be precise the sneakers are great for casual days. The handbags floral complete the look that doesn’t need to be first in line but only complete your outfit thanks to the final touch. Even simple jeans can become the next special accessories like these. Unique templates for an extraordinary style.
A breath of fresh air this collection of new Gucci handbags 2016. An animation of motifs and gaudy that they will not miss a detail. Colors like black and dark red dark green in fine form another type of accessory. But they are not the only colors. The choice between the handbags 2016 range from green to blue, passing through ivory and orange, and even blue. Great choices really.

Gucci handbags Arabesque, very gracious the choice between red or black fabric background.

The collection of Gucci handbags spring summer 2016 was presented in Milan fashion week and was a triumph of styles. Full of details that made each element in the new collection … Different styles ranging from ancient styles with Tiger’s head, and modern amenities that blend into a glamorous handbag … Which are coveted by many women in the world. Gucci women’s collection also saw a twinkle-style clothes and accessorized by distinguished styles of Gucci shoes. The modern woman will be seen in these fabrics and leathers.

The creator of this collection so different and amazing and the designer Alessandro Michele who introduced new styles and discover the Italian fashion house new horizons.

The prestigious event of Milan fashion week, among the big fashion the Gucci handbags spring summer 2016 presented to Italy and to the whole world what they have planned for the summer of 2016. Nothing too only you need for a luxury accessory.

The Gucci collection bags 2016 is the representation of the Florentine fashion house, the symbol of Italian high fashion now. Magazine kinda own style thanks to a crucial key to creating fashion and glamour with the feminine touch and lots of imagination. Updated thanks to other key details of trends that seem custom drivers for any woman with fine detail to express their own style. A collection of tomorrow not that the Gucci handbags 2016 uses only leather but also so much tissue and plays with their main advantage.

On the catwalks of Gucci in the last hours we found fresh and vintage style small shoulder bags from prints and hand stitching. In their simplicity or complexity they conquer the hearts of all fashionistas from around the world.


The new GUCCI BAGS SPRING SUMMER 2015 trend of the catalog ss 2015. Elegance and design to propose new trends that spopoleranno in the upcoming season. A collection of the top brands Made in Italy. Many new models to be discovered in Gucci bags 2015 catalog.

Gucci bags and handbags 2015

The top colors are pastel colors on top of the new features offered in the catalog. The woman wearing the models in 2015 has available a whole colorful selection. This season runs from pastel orange, to red to pastel green pastel provisions also in trend between selections.

Approached in these shades of pastel we see the leather used for enrichment and stylish and sophisticated. Peer as always also the reasons loggati- prints and login.

They could not miss the new Gucci bamboo handbags 2015. The touch of the past few seasons and also predominant in this. You see appear the bamboo handles on backpacks. Not only classic hobo, or mini shopper bag but also the leather backpacks come equipped with bamboo.

But let’s have these models in the collection so that we aspire. Proposed in paraded of Milano. These are pictures of the shows where we see the best as can be worn and kept bags.

Models absolutely not to be missed in this collection. I explain in detail each bag with the descriptions and official prices Gucci handbags 2015 that are findable on the official website. I remember that we are a blog and do not sell anything.


reversible gucci handbags summer 2015

Just like you see in the picture above in this collection are also Gucci bags reversible. In a bag there are essential like  2.5 in one. We have the two sides the yellow part and the part python. And the interior we have a sachel used to not dirty the bag from the inside. The bag is removable.

Details of the bag:

  • Medium size: L34cm x x A35cm P12cm
  • inner panels made by hand
  • reversible effect
  • includes an inner bag in natural fabric Detachable
  • hand-painted edges
  • height handles 12cm
  • Shoulder maximum width 54cm

Price: € 3,300

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Let’s find out the latest original Gucci handbags for women collection autumn winter 2014 2015. The luxury brand and his iconic models show us that old style and iconic models don’t go out of fashion. As we are accustomed the new season of designer brands can not miss the bamboo handles that complement the handbags with class and sophistication.

Where to buy authentic Gucci Handbags Online  – The Stores

Best gucci handbags shop online

In the online world we find all sort of fake shops that open cheap Gucci bags outlet and much more. But how we know that they have the original Gucci handbags on sale?That they are no fake ones. Firs thing to do is check the first indicators of feke cheap Gucci bags outlet on the site. Fake ones seems like the real one. Gucci is written all over. The page seems to be authentic page but is not. You know how? Simple if you check the url if it is not then is no way that real. Because the butique and outlets have their own names. Look this site name is ommas. But i have this page about authentic Gucci bags on sale. But the name of the principal page is still ommas! And you see it clearly. Another tip is the cheap price like 70 -90% off. No way that the real prices can go under price so much. The original Gucci bags sale online is real only if the cost is still 50% of the original price. Under items with under 50% price is fake fake fake fake. 

For solving you the doubts, I’ve discovered and tested some shops that have the authentic ones.

Designers origina Gucci Handbags cheap On sale

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This was for the ones who wants authentic Gucci handbags online on sale – the stores and outlets.

Now, where to find the classic leather Gucci handbags outlet online that have the original ones? I have seen many fake Gucci shops but they are really not easy to use. In some cases, I spent hours to search but don’t find anything. Then finally I found an e store, that is simple to navigate. You have the category for men, for woman or brands right below the header in the left column. And you always navigate in there. It’s very very simple. And they have good prices, discounts and coupons  too 😉 This Gucci outlet is Fashionesta, check it right now in the link down below. fashonesta

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New Gucci handbags for women collection autumn winter 2014 2015

Intriguing or not the new collection of the Italian fashion house for excellence. The catalog of authentic Gucci handbags 2015 -fall winter 2014 season in this bold tones with touches of animal prints. In fact, among all stand out at first glance tones leopard and tiger of the fall season. What a difference than you think to have shades as eccentric as the rose. The animal hides have the most varied patterns accentuated by typical autumn colors but also some rude to the rule. The new original Gucci handbags fall winter 2014 2015 bewitches all fashionsitas at first glance.

Original Gucci handbags 2015 prices

Gucci clutch price: 2600,00 euro. Bags in candy pink suede and python leather used for lining Average size: 35 cm x L 20.5 cm x D 6 cm. The edges are hand-painted multiple internal bellows.

Gucci clutch price: 2600,00 euro. Bags in candy pink suede and python leather used for lining
Average size: 35 cm x L 20.5 cm x D 6 cm. The edges are hand-painted multiple internal bellows.

Cluch gucci autumn winter 2014 2015 woman borse

evening bag rigid plexiglass glitter – aristographic Price € 950.00 In three colors dark blue glitter, black glitter and dark red glitter. Dimensions 20.5 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm

The fashion victim always dream a Gucci bag. But are the celebrities from all over the world will show off in front of the paparazzi world. These are the bags you want it all over the world due to its typical forms and trends always at the top.

cluch gucci jackie soft crocodile autumn winter 2014 2015

Gucci Clutch Price: € 13 500 in antique pink crocodile. Edges hand painted Misure : 35cm x 20.5cm x 6cm piston for the closure of the strap.

Dominate the collection of Gucci handbags fall winter 2014 2015 are the materials and prints adapted to a reptile icon. Among many models we see in reptile skin. From the classic crocodile that this season we see a lot. According appointed python skin.

Innovative instead multicolor bags back to the rescue by offering new themes and innovative design. These Gucci bags 2015 are the glamor part of the fall collection. In the first row there are the symbol of all the clutch bags mythical exposure. Very chic clutch-style dark. Instead models handbag Bamboo we still see so much style animal – reptile.

The single color instead inspired by the sixties a mix of elegant chic with a spirit rock glamor. In delicate shades for this category that seems to have had a hand in the gentle choices romance prevails. Although delicate nuance stands outside the yellow soft nothing exaggerated. A typical yellow autumnal seen on trees due to their downfall. Notable and much appreciated in this season thanks to the success of the yellow in the spring and summer. The summer models with prices can be found below.

Dusted off a bag already known the Gucci Jackie O. Inspired by the iconic First Lady of the sixties.


Gucci handbags 2015 shoulder yellow catalog autumn winter 2014

jackie shoulder bag Price: € 1750 In soft leather flap and yellow mustard. It has no lining. Small size: 27cm x 20cm x 8cm

Gucci handbags 2015 shoulder beige catalog autumn winter 2014

jackie shoulder bag Price: € 1750 In flap and soft leather begie. Unlined. Small size: 27cm x 20cm x 8cm

Gucci handbags 2015 hobo bag rust catalog autumn winter 2014

Gucci Shoulder bag in burgundy leather. Without lining, palladium finishes. Dimensions: 43cm x 31cm x 6cm (WxHxD) The strap closes piston. Site Gucci Prices 2400,00 €

Gucci handbags 2015 bag folder chocolate catalog autumn winter 2014

Jackie Gucci clutch soft leather color board price € 2500. Bags for women fall winter 2014 2015 size big size: L 38 cm x H 26 cm x D 8 cm.

Gucci handbags 2015 hobo bag yellow catalog autumn winter 2014

Yellow leather Gucci shoulder bag – mustard. Without lining, palladium finishes. Large size: 43cm x 31cm x 6cm (WxHxD) The strap closes piston. Prices 2400,00 €

Gucci handbags 2015 handbag reptile green sage catalog autumn winter 2014 Gucci handbags 2015 handbag cream catalog autumn winter 2014 Gucci handbags 2015 handbag chocolate catalog autumn winter 2014

Gucci handbags 2015 handbag green catalog autumn winter 2014

Gucci Shopper crocodile bag in green moss.

To see more images of original Gucci handbags 2015 go hire.

New Gucci bags 2014 catalog collection spring summer 2014 – handbags, purses, wallets

The catalogue is full of interesting purses from many points of view.  We already start with the certainly choice of many proposal in every season. The new trendy proposals are animalier. The design are for every opportunity, from shopping bags to small clutches. All the proposed models are in neutral tones and classic  that make the stylish look. Instead the handbags express their refinement with the trim light gold with an unmissable bamboo handle. The last collection is all for the bamboo. The summer spring edition of the bags have bamboo every where.  A clearer picture in the gallery below. See also the collections of Gucci shoes.



gucci handbags, bags, purses spring summer 2014 pitonata bag orange details oro modello shoulder price 2200 euro

The price of this is 2200 euro.

new collection jeans bag blue details in brown gucci made in italy price 1100 euro

Jeans purse at € 1100

950 euro

Black clutch 950 eur.

handbags in camosico nero designers gucci bamboo spring summer 2014 price 2500 euro

Black fashion tote 2500 euro


Piton look  2600 euro gallery gucci images

Authentic Gucci Handbags Spring Summer 2014 , a true feast for the eyes. The Italian fashion house is also able this year to let all of us fashion victims without words , proposing a summer line rich in detail and glamor of novelty very vivid. Gucci accepts some of its most famous it-bag in fashion colors more beautiful than this period , and adds new features to the mix really unique , starting from the shoulder with long fringes hanging, one of the most popular trends in recent months in the fashion industry .

The Gucci handbag have become part of fashion history for their allure always elegant and sophisticated patterns that emerge regularly in the arm is the most fashionable celebrities on the red carpet and in private life . So , after seeing the last gems of the collection of Prada handbags Spring / Summer 2014.

Gucci also discover that it’s time for surprises, quirky news which relate both to the color palette choice for the patterns as the shape and the applications that distinguish each bag . Also this year, the fashion house of authentic Gucci handbags spring summer 2014 rewards python degradé  , both models from day to evening bags . We find the reasons on the basis of reptile skin adapted to different forms , from the Bamboo handbag , clutch bag to the smaller of line Lady Lock, shoulder to hip Bamboo .

The line also includes handbags Gucci Bamboo forms larger day bags aesthetically sophisticated , but declined in very bright colors . In our photo gallery you will find pictures of the shopper Bamboo with vertical development , medium or large , with its characteristic wooden handle and front logo with gold. Gucci wants to be in muted tones such as beige , both in classic black . But among the new features here shopping bags in shades of pink , demonstrating that the radiant orchid bags are one of the most densely populated trends spring 2014 this year. As I looked forward , however , the models most unique latest catalog are the leather Gucci handbag straps with extra-long fringes cascading . It is of medium size shoulder bags with front flap closure proposals in black , orange, blue , purple, orchid and radiant variants also painted more showy . Space then the new Soho shoulder bag with chain handles and surface in pastel colors, the beautiful Emily with laminated surface logoed versions and the new Lady Lock to complete our perfect evening look more valuable. This was the latest Gucci bags online from the new collection. Will  that designs conquer at first sight ?

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