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One of the most beautiful fashion handbags is the most exclusive creations is a Fendi Peekaboo bag 2016. The desire of women around the world. Today we make a journey through the history of the market with catalog prices, between new versions presented the latest collections. And we have the Peekaboo official price list this year.

bag fendi peekaboo regular catalogue 2016
Fendi Peekaboo bag 2016 is one of the icons of the Italian fashion house, a model of ideal worship for the day. This model was born some years ago, in 2009, but in this short time has turned into a bag that is taking over the role of iconic Baguette. Peekaboo is a bag that he won in an Instant Star in the world, as evidenced in the recent charity project which involved among others including Gwyneth Paltrow and Adele. Even as the new Dotcom Fendi purse we have presented in recent days.

Pikaboo large 2016
€ 4200.00

Pikaboo large 2016

Price Euro 4200

Peekaboo bag is the result of the creativity of Silvia Venturini Fendi that simplicity is the originality of the new style. The model has clean lines. The catalogue is characterized by an unusual closure consisting of a front twist lock (twist lock) which joins the handle and shoulder strap. Fendi Peekaboo bag collection is renewed every season in prints, materials and decorations in a wide variety of proposals that meet the desires of women. The new collection of Guess handbags 2016 also have some good ideas for cheaper price. Exlusivness and made in Itay is also the Gucci handbags 2016

Fendi Peekaboo bags prices
The current collection of Fendi Peekaboo bag presents different models of Peekaboo: Micro, Mini, normal, big. Four different sizes of iconic handbag and a special finish. For every moment of the day, the House presents a model of Peekaboo settings: small chance at night with the micro cluch, most of the day and also covered. Check out the exclusive Gucci bag 2016 who proposed in Milan a few days ago.


Micro picaboo fendi handbags fendi peekaboo bag 2016micro catalogue prices price catalogue 2016micro bag fendi

Micro models Fendi Peekaboo come in many colors of tendency for this season – spring summer 2016: pink, blue, yellow, green, Orange and many more. The compact size of this template version of the fashion house. The model is made simpler versions or hot lamb skin colors is available in different shades. The same bag in micro version is also available in bright camouflage prints and animal prints in Python. Fendi Peekaboo more compact model sold in boutiques in prices between 1100 and 1750 euros.

The mid is probably the most popular Fendi Peekaboo, due to its size. La maison collection includes several versions with contrast Interior, with bold prints, embroidered denim, for example with profiles in contrast or geometric stamping. Prices are between 2600-3100 euros depending on the materials.


Those who prefer a smaller bag important can choose the beautiful Fendi Peekaboo large. Python leather lamb, pony, the materials chosen for casa Fendi. Available in many colors and patterns of fashion. The prices of the maxi version of the it can weigh more than 7300 euros.

bag fendi peekaboo catalogue price 2016


The line includes the most sought after models in Peekaboo Fendi leather upholstery, material of particular value. The tones are grey, black leather and classic. For these versions of Fendi Peekaboo price is from 3400 EUR to 4200 euros.

borgogna bag fendi peekaboo catalogue price 2016

How much are these unique creations Fendi leather? Certainly not for every budget that Fendi Peekaboo bag, but once in a lifetime crazy for fashion, wecan! From 1100 euro home minor versions of the model, but the figure reached for an original Peekaboo over € 7000. Only these numbers are indicative of the originality of the product, so be careful with any price proposal that does not fall within this range.

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