Armani Handbags Collection Spring Summer 2016

Armani bags 2016
New collection of fabulous and bold Armani handbags 2016. Choice between Armani Jeans bags or Emporio Armani. We begin to discover the first news of the Jeans collection and after we compare the luxury models from the general store.

They reached the first previews of these models so different from each other but from the same maioson mother. These models will make your eyes sparkle to anyone who loves new chic and a casual outfit prepared to sustain a long day. Accompanied by strong styles for a stylish look in unique color. This gives such a feeling of modern and equipped bags. The accessories are accessible right in the new collection of Armani Jeans 2016 models.

Irresistible practical proposals to be accompanied by a casual outfit and gritty. Cosmopolitan to meet women biting are the:

Armani jeans spring summer 2016 blue handbag handbags

bags Armani jeans 2016 handbag blu spring summer


Armani Jeans bags 2016
The new Armani jeans bag collection spring summer 2016 return to surprise us from faux leather and the famous painted models AJ that like always. The painted surfaces are always trendy, are instead the colors to lean either toward the fluorescent light or exaggerated.

Even the prices are finally available for scholarships Armani Jeans spring summer 2016 list. Who will be omnipresent in our daily lives of ultra hot season. At least we hope it is a summer worthy of the name. To best prepare to spring we discover the earliest models and prices. Here are the new arrivals that you find in the online store and their prices.

laser cut purses Armani jeans spring summer catalogue 2016 handbag

bags Armani jeans 2016 handbag laser cut catalogo spring summer


In the typical style of the brand, this season we find a wide choice of models in trendy colors. The choice between the most beautiful season of this youthful collection will be arduous.

bags Armani jeans 2016 tote gialla catalogo spring summer


Giorgio Armani who has prepared a wide range The young line curated by Giorgio Armani produces models catering for all tastes. Finest by fine details and logo Painted gold dangling or sporty glamour AJ to take anywhere.

bags Armani jeans 2016 handbag ghiaccio catalogo spring summer


Day bags you can select from countless ideas glamour. We give them a look in this gallery prepared for the occasion.

Armani Jeans Bags 2016 Gallery

Giorgio Armani handbags 2016

In the new catalog for spring summer 2016 we present the new Giorgio Armani handbags trends for 2016. Many different very elegant design.

Giorgio Armani handbags spring 2016 multicolor estateSi increasingly approaching minaudiere the season that means cold and arrival of new handbags Armani Catalog 2015. The first models arriving to take us on a dive into season of bags Armani fall winter 2015 2016 are models of handbags Emporio Armani.

Handbags Giorgio-Armani Handbags 2016 red

Into the Giorgio Armani handbags collection spring summer catalogue 2016. Sniffing out bags -great discoveries. Countless models that meet the arduous hand-clutch bags request by elegant design and fashion. To meet these needs the Italian fashion house offers an artistic design between playful interpretations of luxurious evening clutch or carefree day. The made in Italy do you more space in the world’s fashion accessories with this artistic season.
Handbags Giorgio-Armani Handbags 2016 multicolorFanciful and elegant glamour clutch and clutch proposals. Instead the novelty among the models bags are the various handbags mini bags daytime fatalistic quality. Imaginative this year thanks to the female design created in high quality materials. A new material with leather finish. To discover in particular the Python leather clutch, with an eye toward style chromatic notes.

Bright patterns in colors such as red silky materials. Choices among the colored leather patent leather clutch. The details must metal or lacquered materials. Where crazy women. The glow even if in the background must be present in chrome or gold metal detailing.

We look at the new collection of Giorgio Armani Handbags 2016 by details from Queen of glamour with evening bags must have in the new collection that you will find the latest models in the
Galleria Giorgio Armani handbags 2016

The collection of Giorgio Armani handbags spring-summer 2016 presented during the days of Milan fashion week, and was anticipated by the designer, a style with accessories that you can wear everyday.

Find all the models of the collection in the spring summer collection of Giorgio Armani bags 2016 gallery.

Armani Bags 2015

Armani Jeans Bags  Spring Summer 2015

The beautiful collection of bags which are famous intact Armani Jeans bags Spring Summer 2015 Models of worship that are renewed in this collection or a new proposal that maybe in a few years it will also become the strong point of the bags Armani Jeans 2015.

Bag armani jeans spring summer 2015 women

Missed the latest news that await us in the gallery among which we find different styles like trunks, shopper or cluch for a memorable evening. Always trendy thanks to the eye and details intensely discarded to think of a collection like that and always classic and always accepted. They go on the safe without excess. The only models of excess perhaps form the bags animal. Coated total animaleir, any one jumping and particularly the eye and pink python. A very flamboyant and feminine but always in the classic lines of the day.

Bag armani jeans spring summer 2015 women

Shopping bag Armani Jeans price: € 160 (can be purchased on the official store)

In fact, exchanges Armani Jeans always at the top when it relates to proposals from casual day. In particular, this collection do trepitare women who love this kind of timeless classic that is loved.

Bags Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2015

Bag Armani Jeans price: € 170 (available in the official store) In saffiano faux leather and tassels
We can not forget the proposal of the Exchange Armani Jeans painted in faux leather symbol of the collection every year that follows. Among the best-selling and popular among fashionistas who want to allow a bosa versatile thanks to the painting and also durable and always accepted by every day outfit.

Yellow lacquer Price: € 160 (can always buy online the said bag on the official website)
Many other models and ideas of what awaits you in the gallery below:

In stunning fashion and latest collection of bags Emporio Armani 2015 we find that they are presenting the classic handbags and elegant from hobo, tote, and clutch evening in mono color. In all the collections of handbags in 2015 we find the elegant style in far models in unique color. Perhaps the nuances can be glimpsed but are concise colors that make an absolute elegance. In other collections Luxury you can choose more bags in unique color.

Models in premium leather. Bags Emporio Armani prices

Armani jeans bags 2015

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Emporio Armani bags spring summer 2015

Armani bags fall winter 2014 2015

New Collection of  Armani handbags autumn winter 2014 2015 The brand offers us a classic and lasting lovers will adore the brand.

Emporio armani handbag prices 2014

The Emporio Armani handbags winter we can separate the two sections. The first and the one day that has vivid patterns and colors youth. The models for these occasions are the shopping bag, handbag, tote and top cases.
Instead, for the models in the evening we discover fashion style and trendy with the cluch and clutch with reptile prints as well as new forms that inspire a special look and fashion.

emporio armani handbags prices

Shoulder strap Price € 750.

vertical tote bags emporio armani


Tote calfskin € 695

Many more models in the gallery.


gallery Emporio bags

Armani Jeans Bags 2014 2015

Instead handbags Armani Jeans are less restricted and indulges with vivid styles that fashionistas are increasingly choosing. For the cold season. As always, the shopping offer in the paint, but also other innovations remain in style painted.

Satchel Brown AJ


Satchel tote brown logo print cost € 150

 Bag Red 2014 AJ

Red logo on the front AJ Price € 160


The entire catalog fall winter Armani Jeans in the Gallery.

Armani jeans 2014 215

Armani jeans bags 2014 2015 autumn winter collection

What are the most valuable in the collection?
I would say the bags with printing alligator or logged in with the models with the press, which has a look all the Armani bag and you see a love from afar. Another and black clutch with metal studs with a glamorous look.

Better to find out all of the collection in the gallery. See with your own eyes and better.

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